DIY sustainable Christmas ornaments

Maigi Omler · Plus DIY · 17. Dec 2021


DIY sustainable Christmas ornaments

Christmas is all about kindness and beauty. Let’s be kind to our only planet and create beauty using only natural materials. Today, we will show you some adorable DIY biodegradable and sustainable Christmas ornaments.

Simple yarn decor

You don’t always need manual skills to create something beautiful using yarn. To prove that, see how these little spruce trees can be made in just a few minutes,

Tutorial for these cuties here.

Dried citrus

There is something so pretty about using natural elements in holiday decor. The color varies from deep yellow to almost umber when you use different types of citrus. To add a special touch to it, add some cinnamon sticks, rosemary, bay leaves or star anise.

Treasures found from the great outdoors

Sometimes, all it takes is a walk outside to find beautiful Christmas decorations. Nature is generous even during the winter months, which gives us endless opportunities to create 100% eco Christmas decorations. The best part is that once the holidays are over, you can simply take them back where they belong.

Let the natural beauty of your shells shine and hang them as they are. Source

Have you ever thought of adding shells to your fairy lights? Simple yet stunning! Source

Paper ornaments taken to the next level

Paper is a multifunctional and beautiful material that can be used for making the most stunning decorations. Our favorite is a good quality wrapping paper but also wallpaper scraps, kraft paper, and old newspapers can look just adorable when used right

Tutorial for making these pretty paper fans here.
A simple tutorial for 3D stars here.
Simple kraft paper angels. Source

A whole bunch of super simple DIY paper garlands. Source

Simple wood slice ornaments

For all farm-style lovers, it takes just a thin slice of wood and some paint to create your unique and super sustainable Christmas ornaments. If you don’t feel like painting, try using potato stamps.

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Wishing you all the most magical Christmas! 🙂


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