STENCILIT® was born in the year of 2013. It has been a chain of events until I ended up designing stencils. STENCILIT® wall stencils are meant for all the Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts who love to take part in their home renovation. It is a fun family activity and certainly a flexible solution for a modern home. Every Do-It-Yourself project has a story and a value which grows over time.

Have a look at our customers’ DIY stories from our blog.

A diy projects gives a chance to be creative. With every diy project you create a story of your own home. We desigin the tool – the stencil – and can you choose your own color, pattern and make yourself a cool wall!

Meet the team

Petrica Artene

CEO & Marketing Manager

I believe that the team of young people in StenCilit is our strength.

Background: Master in Applied Measurement Sciences, University of Tartu

Petrica Artene & Merili Sulg

Merili Sulg

CEO & Creative Designer

I believe that every home needs to be the coziest place in the world. I am inspired by the Nordic landscapes and traditions which are magical in the way they are.

Having all of this in mind, I design the stencils with a modern twist to tailoring it for nowadays homes that love a little DIY. And we welcome you on this journey!

Background: Painting and Interior Design in Tartu Art College,
The Center of Creative Industries,
Estonian University of Life Sciences

Laura Pormeister


I take the interior as a whole: I love different type of wall decor and techniques like mosaic, painting, fresco, sgraffito or graphite. I may come up with new and mix the techniques as well!

Let’s make a vibrant interior together!

Background: Painting and Interior Design, Tartu Art College

Laura Pormeister & Kristiina Saar

Kristiina Saar

Ex-Customer service

I like working in a creative environment and helping people create their dream homes.

Background: Estonian Native Crafts, Viljandi Culture Academy

Maigi Omler


Creating is always an adventure. When I start another project, I never know what it turns out to be like. I just take that journey where everything is possible and get inspired by the most unexpected sources. A smallest detail can change the whole thing, and that is the beauty of it.

Background: Painting and Interior Design, Tartu Art College

Maigi Omler & Gytis Dovydaitis

Gytis Dovydaitis


Apparently, communicating with me is incredibly easy, I’m always looking for the best way of co-operation so the project I am working on would end up being as good as possible. I find composition, geometry, and sense of coziness being of paramount importance in interior photography. Whatever it is: products, interiors or people, I love photography and manage to deliver high-quality images!

My theory is that music is just as an important part of a video as visual itself, therefore, as a musician myself, I extensively use it to emphasize shown content.

Background: Creative Industries, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas