Three easy tips to lighten up a small space

Maigi Omler · Living rooms · 15. Jun 2017


Three easy tips to lighten up a small space

Our home is our castle. Being home we should really feel like home- cozy, comfy and free.  In a 1000 ft² flat with huge windows- no problem! But most of us just need to live in a modest 400 ft² space. So do we. Luckily we have found three easy ways to lighten up a small space and make our tiny home feel a lot bigger than it is, and we are happy to share them with you 🙂 – LET THE LIGHT IN! The first step for creating some more space is to maximize the amount of daylight. To do so, we seriously need to get that stuff away from the windows! We should also avoid placing big pieces of furniture too close to the windows. Removing heavy or dark curtains will instantly give your more light and transform your dark rooms into lighter space! Window boards should be kept clear from stuff, including big plants that block the daylight. It may sound like the most boring piece of advice but works every single time! b61814fccfbe8e4baa6987f9bcc684c9   – GET YOURSELF A HUGE MIRROR! Not all the homes are placed on the sunny side of the house. If your home is one of them, we are happy to let you know there is a really simple move to make your place seem twice as spacious as it actually is. Strategically placed mirrors are the key to brightness, even in the shadiest corners. The bigger the mirror, the more light you capture in your room. The best part of mirrors is the fact that they can be placed anywhere- hallway, bathroom, kitchen…to lighten up a small space! If your home is too small, just reflect it bigger- as simple is that! 35005 In this romantic room, the strategically placed mirror brings light and space to the room. Source nordichouse 4dc90f1beb414df8aaaa4ead51fb968946f2c7af Mirrors don’t need to be placed only in the hallways and bathrooms. Why not try to brighten up a dark kitchen corner? Source hurdandhoney   – LIGHTEN UP A SMALL SPACE

Light has a powerful effect on us, which can not be underestimated. This is what makes lighting a very technical and one of the most complex areas of design.

 In a well-lighted room, we feel comfy and don’t even notice the source of light. Plus, sufficient lighting makes the room feel bigger and more open.  Dull light, in contrary, makes us tired, especially in a small space.

Lighting should be thought-out and adapted to the functions of each room. Lights work best when placed just above eye level, avoiding casting shadows.  One single light in the center of the ceiling makes us look into the shadows which feels just as depressing as it sounds.


 In this feng-shui hallway the led lights are placed to provide balanced lighting throughout the room. The perfectly placed mirror creates an illusion of bigger space. Source juhendaja.ee

The main thing is to find balance in lighting. Just as it’s important to have bright concentrated lights for working areas, it is also important to couple this with evenly distributed lighting throughout your room.


For comfy evenings at home, it is a good change to use mood lighting to brighten up the room.Source apartmenttherapy


Merili S., Maigi O. & Petrica A.
Merili S., Maigi O. & Petrica A.

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