4 tips to create a playful and educational kids room

Maigi Omler · Bedrooms · 18. Nov 2018


4 tips to create a playful and educational kids room

Playing is the most important job a kid could have. Active, creative play benefits just about every aspect of child development. During the process of playing, we actually prepare for a complex social world. That is enough reasons why every child should have a playful childhood in a safe environment. Today we will talk about creating an educational kids room that would encourage kids to learn while playing.


Creativity is a prerequisite for learning. Kids success at school as well as in future life depends on the opportunities to make use of what nature has given us. True, nature gives us creativity, fantasy, skills to see opportunities and make choices.  Now let’s give our children the chance to use that precious gift! Kids love writing on the chalkboard at school. Why not bring this idea to home by a really simple solution that children, as well as their parents, should love.  We are talking about chalkboard paint. A quick coat can transform any wall into an imaginative canvas. It is ever-evolving, meaningful and also a cheap solution for parents to help on processing imaginative skills and learn by having fun. lastetoa kujundus Drawing has never been that much fun! Source   Black chalkboard is not the only solution. For example,  here you can find all you need for creating a whiteboard.


What comes to kids, there is never too much creativity. That is the reason to create favorable conditions for painting, drawing, modeling, building etc. Manual activity develops motor skills. It also teaches kids about solving problems- which color to use next, how to connect the lines to create an understandable shape and so on. In addition to all this, crafting is a great way to find contact with others.

Source   It is a great idea to store all the supplies in order. That way your kid will know every item has its right place. Plus, that favorite marker won’t go missing all the time! This cheerful crafting table is truly inspiring!


All children are explorers. Have you met a kid not interested in life on the other side of the world or creatures living in the deepest depths of the ocean? To fulfill the need for knowledge, there is a really great way to bring the whole world indoors! You can select from a million different wall stickers and wallpapers online! Wallpaper maps are loaded with cute illustrated animals and interesting facts from all around the world. For a reasonable amount of money, you can create a unique and really educational kids room. If not on a budget, you can hire a professional artist to do the job. These cheerful wall stickers are available here. Some maps are detailed enough to educate parents!


Books have a secret power that no kid should miss, even when born on the modern digital age. If you wish for your kids to grow up with Winnie the Pooh or Alice in Wonderland, you can help by creating a well-lit, comfy and cozy reading nook.  By creating perfect conditions for reading, you’ll help to develop your kid’s imagination and ability to concentrate. All you need is a comfy seat, good lighting and a good selection of books. Source   Think bigger! Reading nook doesn’t need to be a nook. There may not even be a chair!  As long as there is enough space for imagination…  Source   Bring fictional characters to life by getting your kids some character toys that go with their favorite books. This cute bunny is just perfect for all little friends of Velveteen Rabbit.   Give your children an opportunity to read and there is a will. Source   We hope to have fulfilled our purpose and inspired you a bit 🙂   Our next post will talk about the humble way we decorate our homes this year.


Merili S., Maigi O. & Petrica A.
Merili S., Maigi O. & Petrica A.

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